They Are Both Blue, So They Match!

Being from Michigan, Sweetest Day quickly became one of my favorite holidays. It isn’t every Michiganders favorite time of year, but it reminded me of my Mom receiving flowers and going out for dinner. Now that I am on the East Coast, my fiance was sweet enough to celebrate Sweetest Day with me.

This year he bought me a necklace and a purse, and he set up a picnic of fast food in Rittenhouse Square. What? I like what I like.

As I thanked him, he said, “see, both are blue, so they match!”

…I am a fan of not matching, but I had to wrap my head around that one. I loved both items and wanted to wear them together, but how could I do it?

Striped Grey Shirt and Blue Jeans H & M ($12 & &15)

Necklace Hello World (gift)

Turquoise Clutch with Removal Straps Hello World (gift)

Multicolored Striped Flats Moda on 1523 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia ($12)

Blue Crop Sleeve Blazer H&M ($35)

Earrings Hello World (gift)

 Photography by Eric S.



  1. Randelle says:

    Love those loafers! They are adorable

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