Shopping In Your Closet: Part 1, Clothes You Rarely Wear

Moving is always difficult for me. I always cram my clothes into unorganized suitcases, bags, and various boxes. I end up losing track of shoes along with clothes that I usually wear. What always ends up being left are the clothes on my hangers.

The problem is, the only items I hang up are clothes I usually don’t wear and I happened to hang up during a stint of cleaning a year prior. Think evening gowns and unique accessories that don’t go with much else (or that I bought for a few specific outfits). Not the most practical way to organize, but hey, I had to make due.

Though a bit frustrating, shopping in your own closet can actually be a lot of fun (with a few ‘what was I thinking?!’ moments) and you may look at your wardrobe in a whole new light.

fence outfit

AKIRA Knitted Hooded Kimono Wrap AKIRA Chicago ($35)

I haven’t worn this hooded wrap in almost two year (I can’t even begin to tell you where the white tank underneath came from; I’ll go with ‘dark alley’)

fence earrings

Beaded Tribal Teardrop Earrings Loopty Hoops ($24)

Handcrafted through the Zulu Beadwork Project, I bought these gorgeous earrings as gifts for family and friends. After I placed mine through the washer I didn’t think I could wear them again, but they seem to be fine

fence scarf

My Favorite Scarf Ambiance  (under $25 per to Dev)

This was a gift from my friend, Devaney, from when she visited San Francisco. I wear this scarf so much that I have it dry cleaned. This is one accessory I keep hanging up and unpacked

fence shoes

Blue Patent Leather Flats  Eternity Fashion on 1522 Chestnut St, Philadelphia ($12)

To be honest, I have worn these flats into the ground

fence smirk

Tomato Modern Boot Cut Pants Gap ($20)

I am almost positive I paid less than $20 for these pants, but I would rather over than underestimate. I have only worn them a few times since I bought them, but I might just add them back into circulation

fence scary and earrings

Photography by Eric S.

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