Shopping In Your Closet: Part 2, Mixing Rarely Wears with Necessities

In Part One of this post, also known as ‘I am moving, all of my clothes are boxed up except for a select few, what do I do?!’ I wore pieces I haven’t seen in ages. This is a continuation of that, but with items I also ‘over-wear’. I don’t know if over-wearing is a thing; you love what you love, and I have to constantly wash three pairs of jeans or else I would have to chisel them off of me. I wanted to find a way to make my necessities step to the side, while figuring out how to make my rarely worn items shine.

Fortunately, for me, the unpacking is done, but shopping in my closet has made me bring so much more out of the wood work. Who knew I owned black jeans?!

hoodie smile

Wide Leg Trouser and Grey and White Camisole  Gap (Clearance $30 & $12)

I do not buy anything at the Gap for full price. I use to wear these slacks to work at least twice a week and the camisole I wear under a lot of cardigans (though not lately). I will try to slow down the Gap love, but with the 40% off weekends, how can I stop?!

hoodie z putting on

AKIRA Knitted Hooded Kimono Wrap AKIRA Chicago ($35)

Like with my other hooded wrap, I haven’t worn this hooded wrap in almost two year, if not longer. I also have a habit with buying items in multiple colors.  

hoodie serious 2

8-Bit Bowtie Necklace Smak Parlour ($18)

I wore this necklace with the matching earrings to The Geek Awards and got so many compliments that I even bought one for my cousin (she wears hers with a little black dress). It is definitely a statement necklace and I was trying to figure out how to make it casual. Turns out I should have worn it more often. Next time, I will try it with jeans and a white top. (Unlike some of the items I have posted, these are still in stock).

hoodie shoes

Funky Dumond Pumps AKIRA Chicago ($165)

I use to wear these pumps all of the time and I purchased them back when I use to recklessly shop. I try to stay away from heels most of the time (and shoes not worth the Cost Per Wear ratio), but I use to love these so much. After a few hours in them, I realized my feet do not miss heels. 

hoodie serious 3

hoodie serious

 Photography by Eric S.



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