Jumping Into Jumpsuits

Eric was on vacation last week, so I thought this would be a great time to break out one of my vintage finds and get some assistance from my good friend and guest model, Dorothee, and a talented guest photographer, Chris Urie. He can be found at chrisurie.com.

With the thought of vacation comes the thought of summer and flea markets! The Center City flea market always had a booth of the best vintage clothes. Though, being outside, you have to make some guesses regarding your items based on three important pieces of criteria: wearability, fit, and alteration worth. I always decide if I can fit it, if I like it (and what/how I will wear it), and if alterations are worth the time / cost.

I love jumpsuits. They are easy to style in multiple ways while giving you a feel of funk and timelessness, all at the same time.

Red Outfit 5

Red Sears Jumpsuit Center City Flea Market ($26)

I found this jumpsuit at the huge flea market at 6th & Pine-ish area. There are tons of booths, but all summer there was this one booth selling tons of clothing ranging from the 1950s-80s with numerous brands. I bought this jumpsuit thinking it would be an easy fix to drop the crotch to add length, but my tailor said clothes were made a little more reinforced then. Fortunately, Dorothee looks great in it and she had her own style to make it come to life

Red Outfit 3

Up-cycled Pencil Case Barnes & Noble ($18)

I love Dorothee’s pencil case; it never crossed my mind that it wasn’t a clutch. I decided to look on Barnes & Noble to see if there is anything similar and this pencil case, though not the same style, is another way to get creative. 

Red Outfit 4

Blue I.N.C. Pumps Macy’s ($40)

Red Outfit 2

Vintage Herringbone Necklace Dorothee’s Grandma’s Jewelry Box

Red Outfit

Photography by Chris Urie



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