Staying Warm In… Dresses?

I am back in time for tons of Philadelphia snow! If one thing hasn’t changed, it is not wanting to look like I am wearing a ton of layers when I actually am.

In Michigan, we use to have snow suits, tons of socks, boots, these boot insert things, gloves, hats and everything else my Mom could fit on us that would make the prospect of having to use the restroom cringe. As I became older and my hair styles began to change, the prospect of putting anything other than satin on my head became a huge no-no.

Well, dressing warm for the winter and yet still feeling warm, became an art form. I am still learning, but here are a few things I have picked up along the way.

snow tree

Paradox Wool Dress  Wilbur’s Vintage ($75)

When I found this dress at Wilbur’s, I had no idea how much I would love it and wear it. It is 100% wool, extremely warm and super comfortable

owl 2

Owl Necklace  Forever 21 ($10)

This little owl necklace was actually less than $10, since I was doing one of those buy five million, get one free deals. I love everything owls (blame Temple), so if I see something cute with an owl on it, I will most likely buy it. This didn’t turn out so well when I came home with four ceramic owls one day


DKNY Active “Hi-Speed” Leather Moto Boots Macy’s (over $100)

I usually know what I paid for things either through receipts, finding it online or through memory since I return to the store five times to decide on something or the price is so low that when someone asks where I got it, I automatically include how little I paid for it (yet another way my Grandma has rubbed off on me). When it comes to these boots, I remember buying them at Macy’s Water Tower (2009) at the same time I bought my favorite Naturalizer ‘Cerenia’ boots.

The total was under $200, but I can’t remember which boots cost what. I would usually wear the Cerina boots with this, but the zipper broke today. The thing I like about these boots is they hold up in snow and have seen two Chicago winters with not too much damage. Also, they aren’t bulky, but extremely warm. When it comes to my legs, I wear tights under everything and when wearing a dress, I put on two pairs of tights saving all of my worn out or torn tights to use as insulation.  Amazon has limited sized of a different DKNY boot that I like for well under $100, but isn’t descriptive on materials


Havana Twists using Marley Hair by Briana

My curls are gone for the winter and I have gone into full protective style. After 7.5 hours (1 hour of me nodding off and her still braiding), 7 bags of Marley hair, lots of laughter, Dr. Phil and Lifetime, these are the results. If you spent hours looking for someone to braid your hair in the Philadelphia area and like mine (mine are usually tied up, so ignore my ends) feel free to email me for her info



Photography by Eric S.



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