The Joys Of Shopping the Sale Rack

I love sale racks, sale items and any great deal I can find. Unfortunately, while this can be a great way to find unique items to add to your wardrobe, for me it was also a not so great way of spending money on things I would never wear and realize why they were placed on sale or clearance in the first place.

When shopping in the clearance section, I had to give myself one rule:

Would I buy this if it weren’t on sale?

This question alone eliminated 80% of the clothes I ‘oooed and ahhhed’ over. I was more transfixed on the prices than the actual item. Now, I look at the item and think about how I would fit it into my current wardrobe or easily style it before looking at the price. It you have to think for awhile on how to style the item in a way you would actually wear it, than just move on.

Michael Kors Jacket

Michael Kors Jacket  Burlington Coat Factory ($100)

Burlington Coat Factory is it’s own sale rack, so it is easy to say no if you don’t like something, but whenever I want a Michael Kors (or rather MICHAEL by Michael Kors) coat than this is where I come. I feel like this is the place he brings a dump truck with employees dressed in all black to bring coats which I love.

Rehab Leggings from Aoki

Rehab Clothing Leggings Aoki Boutique ($32)

Aoki Boutique is usually a bit too pricey for me. I first checked them out for ‘Philly’s Fashion Night Out’ and loved a lot of items, but still was unsure. I returned a few weeks ago and decided to check out their sale rack. Eureka! I struck gold! These leggings are, you got it- my everything! The beading is secure enough where it won’t fall off and the side fishnet is hot. 

Black Leggings

Funky Leggings

Different views and a close up on the fishnet and beading

Statement Necklace

Beijo Brazil Necklace Tselaine ($44)

This necklace made by a local Philadelphia artist, caught my eye immediately. I love the design and the detail even in the chain. She has many more one of a kind pieces at Tselaine.

Statement Necklace Skull Earrings

Skull Earrings Smak Parlour

I found these cute skull earrings at Smak awhile ago, but you can find them for a bit more online. Nordstrom even has them for $40.

*Note: I did not pay $40 for these earrings.

Fingerless gloves Smak Parlour

Fingerless Elbow Gloves Smak Parlour ($14)

Color Club Cocktail Hour Collection in On The Rocks Birch Box ($8 full price)

I joined the population of Birch Box subscription buyers and receive samples once of a month of items including nail polish, hair products, lipstick, lotion (which my ashy hand obviously didn’t take advantage of) facial products and so much more. So far, I like it. I stopped getting manicures and I think nail polish cost a lot for how little I paint my nails along with the lotion samples, so the box, for me, pays for itself. If you have natural hair and do not use sulfate,isopropyl alcohol or other chemicals, than I am still apprehensive on the hair products preference choice. The first box I could not use the hair product, but the second they did include ‘Hair Rules Curly Whip’ which was awesome. I will keep you posted on the hair item next month. 

White Jersey Top

 Natural White Jersey Top H&M ($10)

H & M clearance racks use to be my downfall. Shorts in the winter? Sure! I will just save them or wear tights or….No I won’t! I haven’t worn shorts since the 6th grade. Unless the item is a basic or it was something I was eyeing in the past, but couldn’t justify spending the money on, I just can’t walk over there. The pants in my Beef With Matching post are currently on clearance. 

Wedge Black Booties

Blowfish MALIBU wedge booties Akira ($65)

Michael Kors Jacket

Michael Kors Jacket Black Studded leggings

Photography by Eric S.


  1. Sale racks and I have quite the history too. I’m currently trying to purge my wardrobe and be a little more minimalistic with my life. Let’s see how long that lasts.

    • Nena says:

      I love that everyone I know that is fashionable is purging their wardrobe. I already am sending my cousin some Self-addressed boxes since she is getting rid of a lot of stuff. It is hard for me to part with so much and have been known to buy something just because it is on sale. I will have to learn from you when I start going through my closet.

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