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Before getting into today’s post, I would like to thank everyone who is reading and has taken the time to comment.

In the last few weeks I have had to step away from this blog a few times and scratch whole entries due to larger health issues and all of the things that go into that. Eric and I would take photos for a shoot only to notice that the quality wasn’t as good as it could be. I always want to come across as thrilled about what I am wearing and sometimes, even when I love my clothes, my face just isn’t cutting it.

For me, style isn’t just about wearing something fashionable or expensive, but feeling good about yourself and in your own skin. It is also a way to say what you can’t say with words, and bring on the confidence you may not have at the time.

So, I am curious to know… what is style to you? What makes you wear what you wear? For now, Beauty & Britches will be posting style on Tuesdays bi-monthly, but hopefully, you love the looks more! Now on to what you read this for!

I saw a commercial about Mod coming back (didn’t it just return not too long ago?) and I was not thrilled. My hair can’t take too many blow outs and I just don’t know how I am going to pull off the bold looks. I needed help to see if there was anything about this 60s style I could groove with and I needed help on multiple fronts.

I headed to fabric row to my favorite vintage shop, Wilbur Vintage, which has been featured on this blog a few times before. Daniel showed me multiple looks, but I decided to focus on one look I usually write off: the shift dress. I feel like they are too short on me and I don’t wear knee high… well, knee high anything. With Daniel’s stern opinions and ideas on embracing simplicity, I ended up loving my results!

If you follow me on Instagram or know me in person, then you know how much I love Nathaniel Dodson’s Endy Photography. I follow his Instagram and he was one of the photographers at The Philly Geek Awards last year. Eric and I have a beautiful black and white he snapped in one take (impossible for us to do). I mentioned how much I love his photos and only a few weeks later, on his break, him and his assistant Mel were in Fitler Square taking photos. The results are beautiful and I appreciate him taking his time off to help me out. It was amazing and I learned about lighting!

So, does the shift dress work and what do you think of Mod?

60s Party Dress Wilbur Vintage ($65)

Pantent Leather Mary Janes Carvela Kurt Geiger (100 GP)

Bracelet Macy’s

Usually I can find a replica or who made the dress online through the dress tag, but the only dress this tag has is a International Ladies Garment Workers Union tag, which is pretty awesome, but I don’t know who made the dress. The dress was folded in the bag a few times, but will be fine with a good dry clean and is light enough for spring and fall weather.

I bought these pumps in London in May 2009 at a Stuart Weitzman store, which is ridiculous since I was in London, but I made a lot of ridiculous choices that year. Fortunately, these shoes weren’t one of them. I have worn them enough to pay for them ten times over.

The gold bracelet is just a random bracelet I have owned for years. I am sure a different bracelet in a color would have looked great with this dress, but I don’t like wearing bracelets or watches.

Hair James Brown Hair ($100)

James Brown probably would hate me for saying I got my hair done there and then posting photos of my week old blow out, but I can’t resist. I have been talking about getting an appointment with James for at least six months. He is well known in Philly for his ability to cut natural hair and reshape a ‘fro. I went in to get my hair cut and he gave me a cut (I had a lot cut in to balance the length), blow out and flat iron all in 1 hour, 11 minutes. Yes, I timed him because I am curious how fast I can get out of a salon. I made my appointment online and was the only one in the salon until his assistant stylist was applying highlights to someone else. He did teach me a trick to avoid heat damage: blow it out once and do not apply to heat to your hair again for the duration of press/blow out. This seems like common sense, but I always break out the flat iron to go over my edges or curl my ends, but this is my hair only wrapped, with no heat a week after my blow out. I am not amazing at wrapping, so I am sure someone who wraps every night and actually does it correctly could push this out longer than I did. The curls came back on the first wash and I love my cut!

Earrings Smak Parlour ($16)

You can’t see in the photos, but one earring is gold and the other is silver. I wanted these earrings so so so so so so (did I say so?) much to coordinate with when I want to mix metals or add a soft edge. The detailed embroidery around the neckline didn’t call for too much jewelry, so I opted for these to go with my gold bracelet.  

Photography by Endy Photography

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