What Gives You Style Inspiration?

So much happened in these last two weeks! I had the mole under my chin removed and got my septum pierced. I went to a corset fitting, tried out a new beauty routine with Anju Threads, joined Indy Hall to start work on a new project, and now I’m in Baltimore on a surprise vacation with Eric.

Fortunately, during all of this, I still have the second part of the photo shoot from Edny Photography in one of my favorite outfits! I really appreciate Nathaniel and his assistant and great photographer in their own right, Mel, for taking the time to take my photos and teach me a few tips about lighting and getting better photos. They did a breathtaking job and I really hope to work with them again. It was a huge fun favor (there needs to be a word to mesh those together) and I will forever be appreciative!

Now enough gushing! On to what we did!

I usually mix my era of clothing and just go with whatever looks good. I favor the 60′s and 70′s, but after watching American Hustle, I just had to run over to Wilbur’s and see if Daniel had anything a bit Jennifer Lawrence. Of course he did! I loved my end result, but Nathaniel pointed out that it looked more WWII inspired. I never thought of that!

What do you think and do you ever look at movies for inspiration?

Red Yoki Pumps Ragstock ($8)

I bought these at Ragstock so long ago while going through their basement, that I wouldn’t  be surprised if I convinced myself I bought these in Ragstock instead of some other vintage & new shop, but Yoki heels are so easy to find and cheap, that I am not going to sweat it too much. You can find them on Amazon, Sears, Kmart- they are all over. I just started wearing mine recently since I have more dresses to match them with and have a nice vintage look, unlike my patent leather red stilettos that have a ‘I bought these in my early 20s when was able to wear heels non-stop and didn’t know what a bunion was’ look. Yes, I said bunion.

Cream Vintage Dress  Wilbur Vintage ($20)

Daniel said ‘all the dresses 20 percent off except for that one. The dress was $20! I repeat,$20! I can’t remember if it was labeled 70′s or 60′s, but I want to lean more toward 70′s based on style and material, but I will find out. Every time I go in there, I am either told by another customer that if I put the dress down that they will take it or I am trying to talk someone into giving me their dress (I tried very hard one time to no avail). Wilbur’s I love since I don’t have to dig, but definitely try everything on no matter what the size looks like or says.

 Vintage Scarf  Wilbur Vintage ($10)

I collect vintage scarves. They are perfect when my braids are growing out and I wore them non-stop two summers ago, but I thought about how would it look with a bang? Daniel has a great collection and I love the scarf I found- I just need more practice tying it, but I still look the look!

 Hair James Brown Studio ($100)

Cheetah Necklace  Smak Parlour ($34)

This necklace is actually not heavy, which I like and I have been really digging the thick curb chain look.

Here are a few 40s inspired and vintage dresses that made me see what Nathaniel was seeing. I only have one 40s dress because it starts getting pricier and harder to find once you start going that far back, but the quality of clothes are killer.

See you next time with my curls back in action, some eyebrow talk and with spring back, warmer photos and flea market finds!

 Photography by Endy Photography


  1. I can’t wait for flea markets this summer!

    • Nena says:

      I went to my first flea market this season two weeks ago and found TONS of vintage clothes! Going back this weekend to the Eastern State Penn one!

  2. that dress!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Rosella says:

    You look great! As for the comment about how you look more WWII than 70s, the 70s were very inspired by the 40s! :)

    • Nena says:

      Thanks Rosella and especially thanks for the fashion history! Maybe I can look for 70s dresses to recreate 40s looks in the future (and save money along the way)!

  4. Ok,

    So I’m loving your entire outfit, I think your style is amazing! My favorite part of this outfit is that vintage scarf. Take me with you when you go shopping LOL


    • Nena says:

      Thank you! I love the scarf too, I wish I could take credit for it (Dev has the best gift giving skills)!

  5. How did you find something that cute at Ragstock?


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