Summer Sweater Layering Fun

Hello! I refuse to believe it is almost August. I have been a bit busy these last two weeks. Dorothee and I still plan on shooting, but in the meantime you are stuck with me for another post. But before we get into this week, I have a few great announcements!

This Saturday are the Philadelphia Geek Awards and I wrote an awesome post over on Geekadelphia for it, along with a giveaway! Congrats to the two winners! Check out the article for all of the great Geek Awards beauty deals. I also learn how to put these kind of giveaways together. They are a lot of fun, other than the whole post office part. I wish I lived next door to one.

I also wrote a non-fashion article focusing on two cool geeks headed to Nationals with their cool invention. If that isn’t enough cool for you!

Most importantly, I soft launched my brand new mental health & wellness site, Down to Utopia. It is a site dedicated to talking mental health and wellness from a cultural and every day perspective. I was going to narrow the focus to women of color, since I am writing the blog, but the response has been so overwhelming that I don’t think it is right to not have a platform for everyone who wants to talk. Though a lot of the articles will be cultural issues & I am interviewing my Dad and Step-Mummy when I get home, I can’t wait to talk to all of you! All of your outpouring of love and support has meant so much! I look forward to next week’s posts. Check it out if you get a chance. Special thanks to Endy Photography & Annie Design Co. for the page set up, design, beautiful ‘Meet Nena‘ graphic, the photo, hand painted logo and basically the most beautiful page ever. Annie Design Co. is designing our wedding invite as well!

Okay, my plug life is over!

Layering is caring when it comes to me. I never really thought of the genius of it until Abby posted a photo of her layered sweater with shorts. With me spending way too much time in air conditioning, I just had to try it. All of my knit sweaters immediately became layer pieces on those (rare) light August nights. I only owned one pair of shorts and am not into shorts, so I actually went and bought a pair. What are your layered summer looks?

Let me know in the comments!

shorts tall 2

   Sequin Sweater   Wilbur’s Vintage  716 S. 4th st, Philadelphia ($25)

I adore this ‘sweater’. It is all sequins, but you wouldn’t be able to tell if one fell off, so it is a great piece to have in regular rotation and transitions with the seasons. I always go inside of Wilbur’s to shop, but this time I linked his Etsy shop if you aren’t close by. This sweater almost was placed on there! 

shorts 2

Blue Tank  H & M  ($5)

You know I love my sales! Basics at H&M are usually pretty cheap, so I bought two colorful tanks for $10. I only saved a dollar, but that’s a dollar for, can buy a small coffee or two stamps! Remember when you could buy a gallon of gas for under a dollar? 


purse and ring

Gold Clutch  H & M

I don’t remember the price of this clutch, but I remember it being the last one and under $20. I get so many compliments on it and love it to death. It use to be a little more, well, gold, but I wore it out. 


Vintage Pearl Necklace Salt Lake City, Utah (gift from Dev)

I love this necklace! My friend, Devaney, as usual, knows what I love! She is actually sharing what she loves soon when she opens her own Etsy shop featuring pillows, amazing clutches and more! You can get a sneak peek, order early, see her home decor style and catch up on what shenanigans Coco is up to on her Instagram. I will update you on her store when it opens! 

bowie ring

David Bowie Ring (Aladdin Sane)  Smak Parlour ($16)

You know I love my Bowie from my Rockin’ Out post. I love this ring, though I rarely change my rings out. I ended up forgetting I had this ring on and was cleaning a whole sea bass. Not a good idea! Smak has more than David, I personally love their Darth Vader ring too! 

short tall

Jean Shorts  H & M  ($10)

These are basic jean shorts. Nothing to write home about. 


Lexii Gold Wedges Steve Madden ($80)

Last time I featured these sandals, I complained about them, but turns out I had the strap on too tight. They actually are comfortable and I learned how to walk in them. I am a fan of the strap. I question the dark purple pedicure. 


sassy look

 Photography by Eric S.


  1. Devaney says:

    Whaaaa? THANKS for the love!! I had no idea this was coming! Also, got that necklace in Salt Lake City, along with a necklace for me and a ton of great vintage glasses and a bowl and probably something else. Who knew SLC had all that great vintage stuff?? I’d go back, just for the vintage (and the mountains).

    • Nena says:

      Of course! You know I love your decor and the fact that you hand picked all of your materials! Thanks for letting me know where it is from!

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