Taking A Chance On Facebook Ads: My Experience With Sammy Dress

I have been doing a lot of online shopping to prepare for my trip to St. Maarten (we are leaving on Friday!), but while online shopping and using Facebook at the same time, I ended up getting tons of focused advertisements I generally ignored. However, after visiting and liking ModCloth via Facebook, I decided to get sucked in and click on a few of the other advertisements.

The one I decided to actually shop from is Sammydress.com.  I am sure you all have seen the ads, ‘Cheap online dresses- $6!’ I wondered what the catch was and immediately it became clear- you are ordering direct from China. Sizing, quality and shipping time were all immediate concerns, but I decided to try it and see what happens.

black and white sheath dress

Abstract Letter Sheath Dress Sammy Dress ($13)

I started by ordering two dresses and a sweater. Sammy Dress gives you an option to upload pictures of you in the item, so I tried to purchase items where people uploaded their photo. I also made sure to read the ratings and look for the raters sized the closest to me, if there are too many, then I looked for 3 star ratings, since I felt like those gave the most objective view. They took the time to explain why it wasn’t five stars, but still higher than one.

brick wall 3

I found shipping to be pricey, sometimes even higher than the item being purchased, but it still makes the item a deal. So, if shipping is $9 on a $6 dress, then I won’t get too bent out of shape. Also, the shipping takes about three weeks. I received my first two dresses in three weeks, but my sweater was still on back order, so they gave me an option to wait for the sweater or receive a refund. I decided to wait for the sweater and am still waiting. Each of the items state the length of time to ship, but that is simply to ship the order, not for the item’s arrival. I don’t mind waiting for packages, but if you are in a hurry, then any international shipping is going to stress you out. The only time I had fast international shipping is ordering bathing suits on Amazon.

sheath dress

I love my dress! It is lined, light, but I will easily be able to wear it in the fall, early summer and spring. My wool dress I haven’t tried on yet. It came so wrinkled that I’m going to need to press it beforehand. It is definitely 100% wool. My iron is going to hate me.


Earrings Hello World (gift)

I absolutely love these earrings. They are bronze and match a lot of my handmade jewelry. 

fence 2

Box Braids J.P. Hair Perfection ($90 not including hair)


 Paper Bead Necklace Darwin, Australia ($20)

My Aunt Michale brought necklaces with her from the same artist who gifted me one in a previous entry. I adore my necklace, and you can find a similar one on Etsy, but it was decided that my Aunt’s friend would make more selling his jewelry in Australia than in the States. The necklace is made out of paper and is a long process. I am very fortunate I was able to buy two necklaces and a pair of earrings from him during her Stateside visit.

black and white dress

fence 4

 Beijo Brazil Necklace Tselaine ($44)

This necklace made by a local Philadelphia artist, caught my eye immediately. I love the design and the detail even in the chain. She has many more one of a kind pieces at Tselaine.


fence 5


 Steve Madden Black Schoolgrl Flats Amazon ($44)

These are actually the third pair of these flats I have ordered over the years. I love them so much and love the style. I wear them all the time! 

fence 6

I am going to order from Sammy Dress again, but only items I don’t depend on. I wouldn’t use them to order primary winter coat, for a wedding or an event dress, I also wouldn’t purchase anything over $20 since I don’t have the patience to deal with returns. Do you shop online? Sound off in the comments below!


Photography by Eric S.


  1. Hey! I do shop online (ModCloth, Banana Republic, C. Wonder, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Boden, Amazon, and Zappo’s to name a few). I love the convenience and I’ve never had too much trouble with the return portion of it. How did you find the quality of the items you ordered? This dress looks super cute… it is also good quality?


    • Nena says:

      I do find it to be similar quality as Forever 21 or H & M, which works for me! The wool dress, I can tell, is a little off in sizing, but I haven’t tried it on yet. It is a pencil skirt with a suspender top, but the lining looks off. Amazon and Nordstrom have a pretty easy return policy, but the international shipping for Sammy Dress is what I wouldn’t bother dealing with. I never tried Zappo’s, though my cousin is a huge fan! Thanks so much for reading and for your comments- Kate Spade makes the cutest jewelry!

  2. Rachel Wilson says:

    Yup. I do shop online. Almost exclusively. Great deals to be had. Fortunate to be true to size so on the spot try on not necessary. Except for vintage shopping. You know. I’ve made one purchase from Sammy Dress a two-piece swim suit. Loved the design and black and white. Did not like the quality on that one. Seen some great designs as far as dressed go. I’m kind of hooked, however, on Smak Parlour. Though far more pricey still high fashion designs at an affordable price.

    • Nena says:

      Vintage Shopping is also something I will not buy online! I did once through Instagram and it didn’t fit! Good to know about Sammy Dress bathing suits. I orders a bunch of suits internationally and one was a size not even close to mine. I am hooked on Smak Parlour as well. Love their new fall dresses! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!!

  3. Melanie says:

    I’ve always wanted to order from Sammy Dress, but have never had the gusto to actually do it, and some of the online reviews weren’t too great. I was never sure if they were legit or not. Thanks, Nena, for posting this! I’ll have to order from them. Love this outfit, by the way. :)

    • Nena says:

      Thanks, Melanie for reading and commenting! Definitely don’t be surprised if it takes forever! I heard about the bad reviews too, but I ordered from them before reading them. So glad I did!

  4. SammyDress actually sponsored my blog once, but since I’m on the bigger side it was sooo hard to find cute dresses in my size that they had in stock, so I had to stick with accessories :( The bag I got is on par with the quality of Forever 21 and H&M, which totally isn’t bad at all! If I do shop for clothes online I go to ModCloth (but not often, they’re ‘spensive!). For the most part, I MUST try on clothes before I buy them because l need to see how they look and feel on me. And BTW, you look super chic in your SammyDress find :D I love the way you accessorized it too. <3

    Nina // lefancygeek.com

    • Nena says:

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Nina! I am with you on trying on clothes instead of online- that’s always my biggest worry. I didn’t look the the accessories, I’ll have to check them out! The clothes on SammyDress definitely are a mixed bag with fit and length, just by looking at some of the photos- so going through previously purchased shopper photos is what I relied on. Thanks so much for the compliment- I love accessories!

  5. Devaney says:

    You KNOW I love my online shopping, but I can get so out of control and I realized that I missed in-person shopping. I still buy clothes online but only from places that offer free returns or a store where I can return in-person. And I never buy pants online bc so hard to find ones that fit properly. But shoes I still prefer to buy online so I can order 10 pairs in the hopes that one or two fit right.

    • Nena says:

      That’s a great rule of thumb- only places that do in person returns. I am so uptight about pant length that I have never bought pants online, but I have purchased shoes, especially if I know what size I am in the brand. I think the post office is what keeps me from wanting to return anything (though I just found out that I have a closer one to my house than I thought).
      I know you know the best online shopping places- that’s why I originally chose Nordstrom for the bridesmaid dresses. Least amount of hassle! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. LilMiss says:

    I have always wanted to shop at SammyDress.com, but the shipping is always scary. I have placed items in my cart that total $30, but the real total with shipping is like $63. Your tip is to not order anything over $20, correct?

    • Nena says:

      If I were to shop from them again,I would have ordered one item and kept my total at $20. The dress in the photo is now 11.95 and the shipping is $9 for standard. I also ordered a Suspender dress for 12.19 and the shipping was $6. With my rabbit sweater, which is a bit heavier, my total amount for shipping was $20. I am fine paying $21 for the dress I received (I would have paid $40 if I saw it on the rack), so I pay whatever amount I am fine with losing. I might regift suspender dress, but for $18, it is still a pretty good deal. Thanks for reading and commenting and I hope that helps!

  7. Great write up (and outfit!). I just wanted to chime in and totally agree with really reading the reviews and looking at the pictures submitted by customers! I’ve placed a total of 3 orders and have been pleased with everything. Just pay close attention and be patient!

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