about brellaThis isn’t a fashion blog. Maybe not even a style blog, but it is definitely a love story.

In the Air Force I wore my uniform most of the day and went to Old Navy for any essentials. I probably owned two pairs of jeans, a grey sweater, grey slacks and a ton of band tees (I saw a lot of bands and I wish I still had those). After the military, I continued with the band tees, added jean shorts and waitressed in a venue where indie bands played and drinks were cheap; though one of the best times of my life, not the best style time of my life.

In Philadelphia, I started to evolve my style, but it was in Chicago during grad school I decided to shake things up. I cut off my hair, picked up a shoe addiction and actually went into a Banana Republic and bought full priced items. That was also when I learned to stop rejecting consignment and thrifts shops (we grew up shopping in them so much, I refused to step into them alone), but I still was in there looking for BCBG sweaters.

Finally, on my return to Philadelphia, it was being broke that drove my style. I had few work outfits as the contracted semi-professional that I was, I had to stretch my wardrobe to work in multiple seasons and wearing grey was making me feel grey. I finally saved up enough money to re-do my wardrobe on a budget and the next day at work (followed by week) everyone was in amazement.

I wanted to “fake it until I made it”. I wanted to show my love for my career (even if I didn’t), love of everything I own (even if I wanted more or better) and love of everything about myself (even if I was still learning to love pieces of me). Clothes are my love story.

I hope clothes are your love story too. Fashion and style don’t mean much until it becomes the fashion and style you love and you feel good in.

I love my clothes. I love my style. I’m still broke, but I am definitely still in love.

This is my story…