Ten frequently (and not so frequently) asked questions when it comes to Beauty & Britches. If you have any more, feel free to ask!

1. Are your posts sponsored?

Unless it is stated that something has been sponsored or gifted, everything on this blog are items I own or have purchased to wear multiple times; this is why I shop at some stores more than others since I style items I not only wear, but can afford. I look forward to going out and finding new places and deals, but for now it is just me walking into a store and thinking something looks great. It is my goal to keep my content between 90-95% sponsor free. If it is on my blog, than it is something I actually own, wear and use and not something someone sent to me. I will try out new places, but it will always be labeled if it is.

2. What’s the deal with your Smak Parlour obsession? Do you have some hook-up there?

No! I love Abby & Katie and all of the Smak Parlour crew and I have modeled for them a few times, but I pay full price for my clothes as with any other store. I love shopping local Philly boutiques, especially if they are awesome people with awesome clothes. If you are an awesome boutique with awesome clothes in Philly, please share! I shop at stores for the whole experience as well- I have been to some mean places (I won’t drop any tea though)!

3. What’s with all the links?

I don’t want to be link heavy, but I like to share what I find or if I worked with someone great. I don’t let people know I am talking about them in my blog (unless I am covering something and I need to ask them a question on a current price, stock or copyright), but I do want you to know as much information as I have if you ever want to find something similar, but I know it can be a pain! I don’t get paid for you clicking on my links, so click away- I will remain broke!

4. Do you model?

I will model for coffee! Actually, I do model on trade and probably would model for coffee.

3. Who is Eric S?

I am all about giving credit where credit is due and my fiance, Eric, does all of my photos unless otherwise listed. I  actually had no photography credit for him at first until this exact point was brought up, so then we had to agree on either a fake name (Stringer Bell was too fake) or something simple. Though I thank Eric for all of the hard work he does all over and especially on this blog as my right hand man, he wants us to separate our projects.

4. I know Eric! So if I get you to write about us, does that mean he will be involved? 

Our blogs are separate. Having me at an event or writing about something does in no way mean he will be involved. I do however, write for Geekadelphia, so if the fashion has some kind of geeky twist, than feel free to pitch them.

5. What is the deal with you and events?

Ahhh! Events! I am going to be completely honest. I have anxiety and I honestly have a hard time going to events. Sometimes, if the event allows guests, then I will have someone join me, but I just am not an event person. If you want me to come check out a new place or something that is going on in the city, then just shoot me a message and I will come on an off day. I usually last about 20 minutes at events before I need a paper bag to breath in.

6. Why didn’t you write about the event you stopped in at? 

I will tweet or instagram while I am there, but I don’t really write about events unless it is for Geekadelphia. If I wrote about an event, it would say, ‘I was sweating like crazy and was talking to someone and then forgot their name and it got awkward and then I pulled out my paper bag…’. I go to events to get familiar with a boutique or product and if I like it, then I return and become a customer, or if I get an invite, I try to go on a different day. This blog to me is what places and products you would want to check out yourself. I don’t think you care who I ran into as opposed to where you can go to get a hair cut that doesn’t take four hours. I am going to try to write about more products and places to check out than just clothes.

7. Why don’t you have a consistent posting schedule? 

I recently started a new job and it has been very hard managing two blogs while learning all of my duties! I did add a ‘Subscribe’ button for you won’t miss my posts, but I have I can get a normal schedule going once my job is a little more under control. My other blog is Down To Utopia, which focuses on mental health and wellness for women, focusing on Women of Color.

8. Natural hair?

I may mention what I am using on my hair or my protective style or a stylist due to my hair being natural, meaning I have no relaxer (hair straightener) in it. I have been natural for over two years using weaves, braids and rod sets until I ‘big chopped’ in August of 2012. Since then, I only use heat a few times a year and avoid certain chemicals. I check out Curly Nikki and a few hair blogs, but for the most part I get my hair advice from my cousins, Jessica and Randelle. I am basically a co-wash and go person, so don’t be surprised to see a bunch of fros in the summer.

9. Your grammar! Ugh! Than and then mean two different things! 

I know, I know! Eric edits for me, but sometimes we don’t catch things. I try my best and feel free to call me out if you find something. I should be arrested by the grammar police, but I try my best. I definitely had a tutor all through grad school and am actually thinking of returning to school to improve my writing.

10. You have a bunny and chinchilla?

Okay, no one asks me that! I just am so in love with my bunny, Rory, and my Chinchilla, Mittens. Rory has her own Facebook page and more friends than me. Eric made it, not me!