Stomping Grounds


Smak Parlour

Anyone who knows me knows that many of my dresses come from Smak Parlour and if you receive a gift from me, then the pink box with pink ribbon is a dead giveaway that I went there. Smak Parlour is the perfect combination of soft and hard, with flirty cuts and vibrant colors. The dresses range in price and they carry jewelry made by local designers. If you are in Old City or University City (they have an awesome fashion truck at 40th and Spruce) than be sure to check them out!

Brick and Mortar: 219 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Website: Smak Parlour

Wilbur: Vintage Deisgner Clothes & Accessories

I live for vintage and I’m not the only one! Daniel Wilbur is known for handpicking exactly what will go into his shop, from his Vivienne Westwood shoes, to my favorite, his 60′s and 70′s era dresses (though I did go as far back as the 40′s). With great sales, various sizes, unique purses and glam jewelry, it is worth spending time in this quaint shop.

Brick and Mortar: 716 South 4th St. Philadelphia, PA 19147

Website: Wilbur’s Vintage & Etsy Shop

Things I Like 

Things I Like is ran off of the concept of buy things you like. Fortunately for anyone who has visited this shop- she likes everything beautiful. This shop, located on 10th and Pine, Things I Like carries a mixture of new items and vintage items. The dresses are to die for and you definitely get your pay for wear from any ensemble.

Brick and Mortar: 1038 Pine Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107

Website: Things I Like Facebook

Hello World 

Whenever I open a white box with blue ribbon, I know it is going to be a treat from Hello World! Vibrant necklaces, versatile handbags and a collection of fair trade jewelry are only the start in this local boutique.

Brick and Mortar: 257 S. 20th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

Website: Hello World


I like to pretend that Tselaine is my hidden secret, but with all of the great jewelry, I doubt that is the case. I love the collection of Philly-centric necklaces, the handmade monogram charms, and over-sized bags. The wine bottle holders are not only gorgeous, but a great deal!

Brick and Mortar: 1927 Walnut Street, Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19103

Website: Tselaine Facebook

Anju Threads 

I use to get my eyebrows threaded all the time while in Chicago and in Lansing. Finally, I found a place that does them here. I like threading since it is more precise when it comes to an arch and last about a week longer without costing any more than waxing. Check them out!

Brick and Mortar: 1126 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Website: Anju Threads 

James Brown Hair

I have very specific requirements when it comes to my hair and James Brown goes above and beyond. I want a trim and shape, not a cut and I want to be in and out at pretty quickly. James is fantastic with natural hair, he is a miracle worker with a flat iron and with his online booking system and one person salon, I am in and out in an hour. What more can you ask for?

Brick and Mortar: 1114 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Website: James Brown Salon

Curly Nikki 

Okay, so Curly Nikki isn’t a fashion site. But since I incorporate my natural hair in my style sometimes (and I’m still trying to figure it out season to season), I have to recommend Curly Nikki’s site as a go to for anyone making the transition. With massive curls and natural style (I learned how to revive my curls by using a flat, hoppy beer rinse by reading this site), it’s a great site to keep bookmarked.

Website: Curly Nikki

Tresses and Treats

I stick to a wash and go, but finding the right products and figuring out the right twist outs require a bit of assistance from Victoria of Tresses and Treats. Victoria not only reviews tons of products, but she has giveaways, style tutorials and great advice. I also love that she is local!

Website: Tresses and Treats

Lauren Michelle 

Lauren Michelle is another great site, especially if you have relaxed hair or keep your hair pressed. She does a lot of style tutorials (some of the heat free looks and bantu knots can be used on natural hair), boutique and salon reviews and even teaches a bit of design you can use on your own site. She is definitely another local blogger to check out!

Website: Lauren Michelle

More to come…