Big Hair and Work Wear!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! It has been awhile, but I have a good reason: I am back to working full-time! Back to the social worker life, which I love. I am still learning my job and still trying to figure out my own work style. I know that takes a back seat to learning my position, but as I said in my About Me, bringing my own style to work makes me feel more confident and shows a bit of my personality.

Do you have a work style and what is it? Do you have a go to piece? Sound off in the comments below!

grey dress


Polka Dot Cardigan  H & M  ($25)

I absolutely love cardigans and I wear them to work a lot, both at my new job and my old job. It seems every office I am in the temperature is never consistent, plus it is an easy way to transition a dress along with tights. Though I am wearing solid flats and black opaque tights with this outfit, I would easily mix it up with these tights and these shoes. What do you think?



Grey Dress with Pleather Detail  H & M ($40?*)

West Loop Opaque Tights Walgreens ($8)

*I lost the receipt for this dress, but I bought it recently and it should still be in the store. I won’t pay more than $50 for an H & M dress, so I think it was between $35 and $40.

This dress is a little more fitted than I like. I bought it without trying it on to wear to my interview, so I didn’t have time to exchange it for a more flattering fit. I do love it, but I definitely wouldn’t wear it without a sweater to assist with the back slit riding up a bit.

In colder weather, I wear two pairs of tights for added warmth. Though two pairs can start to get uncomfortable after awhile, I love these tights! They are super cheap and last a long time. I found them when I couldn’t get lint off of my tights before an interview and had to run into a drugstore to see what they had. Surprisingly, they have an amazing selection!


Big hair, don’t care! I wear my hair natural to work and have been switching it up with a few simple styles. I pulled it back once and everyone missed it in its usual fantastic fro-ness. I actually went back to using Shea Moisture for my shampoo and conditioner due to cost and how much product I use, but I found a perfect mix with Miss Jessie’s Leave-In Condish and Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls. The Pillow Soft Curls is a bit much in cost, but I use a little more than a size of a quarter on my hair (and my hair is thicker than it looks).


 Lion Necklace Wilbur’s Vintage  716 S. 4th St, Philadelphia ($25)

Express Gel Manicure Yuya Nail Spa, 624 Market St, Philadelphia ($25)

I absolutely love my necklace from Wilbur’s Vintage! I don’t know what else to say about it since it speaks for itself. It gives me a little vintage style to take to work (other than my engagement ring)!

I love my new nail salon by my work. I didn’t realize how much cheaper it is to get gel done in Old City than by my house. The punch card is a dangerous thing, because I love a good deal! I have been twice so far!



These glasses were issued to me from the Philadelphia VA Medical Center (love ya’ll!), but this style ALWAYS breaks pretty quickly. The arm gets all wonky, so I am now wearing my back up pair. They have some cute women’s frame options and it is easy to find out if you qualify for low-cost or free glasses and eye care; start here! My Warby Parker glasses lost under a pile of clothes in my bedroom. I will send an SOS.


 Breckelle’s Flats  Eternity Shoes 1522 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia ($14)

These shoes look way more blue in this photo than in person! These flats are run of the mill, cheap, but get the job done. I go through flats so much that I really stopped looking for shoes with supports, but I probably should start. I see you, bunion!

polka dot cardigan, grey dress

Photography by Eric S.

Taking A Chance On Facebook Ads: My Experience With Sammy Dress

I have been doing a lot of online shopping to prepare for my trip to St. Maarten (we are leaving on Friday!), but while online shopping and using Facebook at the same time, I ended up getting tons of focused advertisements I generally ignored. However, after visiting and liking ModCloth via Facebook, I decided to get sucked in and click on a few of the other advertisements.

The one I decided to actually shop from is  I am sure you all have seen the ads, ‘Cheap online dresses- $6!’ I wondered what the catch was and immediately it became clear- you are ordering direct from China. Sizing, quality and shipping time were all immediate concerns, but I decided to try it and see what happens.

black and white sheath dress

Abstract Letter Sheath Dress Sammy Dress ($13)

I started by ordering two dresses and a sweater. Sammy Dress gives you an option to upload pictures of you in the item, so I tried to purchase items where people uploaded their photo. I also made sure to read the ratings and look for the raters sized the closest to me, if there are too many, then I looked for 3 star ratings, since I felt like those gave the most objective view. They took the time to explain why it wasn’t five stars, but still higher than one.

brick wall 3

I found shipping to be pricey, sometimes even higher than the item being purchased, but it still makes the item a deal. So, if shipping is $9 on a $6 dress, then I won’t get too bent out of shape. Also, the shipping takes about three weeks. I received my first two dresses in three weeks, but my sweater was still on back order, so they gave me an option to wait for the sweater or receive a refund. I decided to wait for the sweater and am still waiting. Each of the items state the length of time to ship, but that is simply to ship the order, not for the item’s arrival. I don’t mind waiting for packages, but if you are in a hurry, then any international shipping is going to stress you out. The only time I had fast international shipping is ordering bathing suits on Amazon.

sheath dress

I love my dress! It is lined, light, but I will easily be able to wear it in the fall, early summer and spring. My wool dress I haven’t tried on yet. It came so wrinkled that I’m going to need to press it beforehand. It is definitely 100% wool. My iron is going to hate me.


Earrings Hello World (gift)

I absolutely love these earrings. They are bronze and match a lot of my handmade jewelry. 

fence 2

Box Braids J.P. Hair Perfection ($90 not including hair)


 Paper Bead Necklace Darwin, Australia ($20)

My Aunt Michale brought necklaces with her from the same artist who gifted me one in a previous entry. I adore my necklace, and you can find a similar one on Etsy, but it was decided that my Aunt’s friend would make more selling his jewelry in Australia than in the States. The necklace is made out of paper and is a long process. I am very fortunate I was able to buy two necklaces and a pair of earrings from him during her Stateside visit.

black and white dress

fence 4

 Beijo Brazil Necklace Tselaine ($44)

This necklace made by a local Philadelphia artist, caught my eye immediately. I love the design and the detail even in the chain. She has many more one of a kind pieces at Tselaine.


fence 5


 Steve Madden Black Schoolgrl Flats Amazon ($44)

These are actually the third pair of these flats I have ordered over the years. I love them so much and love the style. I wear them all the time! 

fence 6

I am going to order from Sammy Dress again, but only items I don’t depend on. I wouldn’t use them to order primary winter coat, for a wedding or an event dress, I also wouldn’t purchase anything over $20 since I don’t have the patience to deal with returns. Do you shop online? Sound off in the comments below!


Photography by Eric S.

Let The Bling Ring!

I always wear my engagement ring, my version of a class ring and whatever ‘rough and stuff’ necklace and earrings I feel like wearing that day. When I was in Chicago, I use to wear my class ring and my matching diamond studs before our apartment was broken into with a crowbar, and they were stolen along with my laptop. The officer on the scene told me about how when her home was burglarized they took her rabbit cage, but not the rabbit. After buying our rabbit a new cage, I see why they did it. Cages are pricey! Anyway. Eric surprised me on Valentine’s with new studs. Not diamond studs (we have bills) but Swarovski studs. I loved them, but I didn’t know much about the company other than if you want bling, you go there. Last week, I was invited to my first bloggers event for Swarovski.  I was nervous; other than shyness, I really didn’t know if I could write about their jewelry. If I couldn’t afford it normally or the Cost Per Wear was too high, than I couldn’t do it. Let’s just say, I was blown away. By the end of the night, I had a wish list created and was trying to hustle a bracelet off of another blogger. The first look is what I wore to the event and the second is with the Swarovski items. Though they were gifted, I am going to list the prices.                                                                                                                                                                                    Fitler Square

Slim fit pants H & M ($35)

These Slim Fit Pants are faded with a texture to them. If I were to wear a different pant, it would be the Slim Fit Pant with sequin details ($40) or Slim Fit Pant with satin stripe details ($30) which are both currently available

Fitler Square 3

Beautifully Bold Blouse Smak Parlour ($45)

I didn’t capture it, but this blouse has a gorgeous gold zipper running down the back of it which is similar to the gold in my jewelry

Fitler Square 6

Bandeau Top (Nude)  Smak Parlour ($16)

One-Piece Owl Necklace PacSun

I had to think back hard to where I bought this necklace and then it hit me: I was waiting in line to buy my brother a t-shirt at Pacific Sunwear. He was 15 at the time. He is now 19. I went to their website to see if they have anything similar; they don’t, but they have tons of super cute jewelry for under $15. I use to throw away my jewelry when it turned (I never got the hang of the clear nail polish) but then I read a great article about the beauty of the piece and how it gives it new life. This piece use to be much brighter, but I like it more like this

Fitler Square 10

Black Dumond Pumps AKIRA Chicago ($100)

I love these pumps since there is so much detailing. What I don’t love is falling through a sewer grate with them. If you know a good heel repair in Philly, feel free to share. 

Fitler Square 9

Gold Clutch  H & M

Owl Necklace Outfit

Solitaire Pierced Earrings Swarovski ($62)

Ivy 2

Fit Silver Shade Pierced Earrings Swarovski ($155)

Ivy 4

Nirvana Ring Swarovski ($155 for petite /$190 for one shown)

Chanton Bangle Narrow Swarovski ($60)

I had my eye on the  Slake Black Bracelet ($70). In Black or Gray, they are a great price and something I would add to my daily jewelry rotation. It is nice to step outside the box sometimes and try something new, though that box may have to be one checked off for holiday gifts : )

Fitler Square 5

Photography by Eric S.