Mixing It Up With Online Shopping

Hello from Michigan! Can you believe August is almost over? I need more summer!

I had an amazing time at the Philadelphia Geek Awards and can’t wait to see all of the photos from that amazing night! Philly Mag has a great round up of the night’s awesome and creative looks! My hair is still straight from that night and I don’t know what to do with it. I only use heat on my hair a few times a year and in order for my curl pattern to remain intact and to avoid heat damage, I don’t reapply heat. I have been wrapping and sponge rolling like no other. Can’t wait for braid season.

Thank you all for supporting Down to Utopia! It is still getting it legs, but thank you so much for your support and great messages. I really appreciate it! Please take a moment to check out my new mental health & wellness site if you haven’t yet.

On to this week! I don’t online shop often. It scares me and is time consuming when it comes to figuring out if sleeves will be long enough and what will fit. I do like the True Fit tool on Nordstrom’s site, which shows you how close the fit will be based on your style and size, but if you know me, I am cheap- so I decided to see how shopping on Amazon would work.

I wanted a white blazer for the summer and decided to see if I could find at a price I could live with. I destroy white on a regular basis, so I would only buy a jacket I can spill a ton of stuff on and not cry for days. I think it turned out well! Where do you online shop and what are your tips? Sound off in the comments below!

white blazer and checkered sheath dress

White J. TOMSON Boyfriend Blazer Amazon ($20)

I like this blazer! It is very light weight, but kind of hard to iron- I probably have to take it to the cleaners to get pressed. It came with the sleeves rolled up and I will probably keep them that way. I would prefer a bit longer sleeve, but I like the sleeves longer than they should be. Definitely worth the $20 (free shipping with Amazon Prime). 

checkered sheath dress

 Blue and White Forever 21 Dress Once Worn Consignment, 906 N. 2nd st. Philadelphia ($10)

This was my first time in Once Worn and I found this dress with the tags still on it. The clothes in the store are a little young for me (I know, I sound like a Grandma), but I did find some cute items for a cheap price, so I will check them out again when I am in Northern Liberties. I love a good sheath dress since they are so easy to dress up or dress down. The sandals are the same ones from my Vintage Style post.

  Lime & Turquoise Beaded Necklace Greene Street Consignment 3734 Spruce St. Philadelphia ($12)

If you know me then you know I love turquoise! Well, I just love saying I do; this necklace is actually looks like a different shade of blue, but I love it. I really adore Greene Street and have a good amount of clothes from their South Street and University City locations. I like the University City location because it has a lot of  clothes from the local college students, but more of a grad student feel. The South Street location has an eclectic vibe to it. I have been to the Manayunk location a few times and love their dresses. They have a lot of high end pieces at a low price. If you aren’t in the area, you can shop online!

beaded necklace and bracelet

  Burnt Orange Bracelet  Once Worn Consignment, 906 N. 2nd st. Philadelphia ($5)

I love this bracelet! I rarely wear bracelets, but I couldn’t pass it up!  The necklace doesn’t match perfectly, but I think that is what makes the pairing work. It looks fun and adds much needed color. 

beaded necklace and bracelet

I love this photo! I am not punching myself in the face! I was trying to show the necklace and bracelet together, but it turned into something a bit more cheeky (pun intended).

Photography by Eric S.

Making A Statement…with Necklaces!

Happy holidays for those celebrating! I’m so glad it is finally spring! I couldn’t wait for the warm weather to return so I could return to dresses and sandals. There’s nothing like only having to worry about one item to match and a pair of light shoes. Actually, for me, it is always two items.

I am a sucker for statement necklaces. I don’t collect clutches or care for bags, but a necklace gets me every time. When I buy a very large necklace, I usually try to think about how I am going to wear it (honestly, I just buy what I like and then think later… which I know is what you shouldn’t do, but I DO WHAT I WANT!) so the bigger the piece, the softer the style.

Do you have a favorite style necklace, or have a place you’d like to recommend to buy them? Let me know in the comments!

 Love Necklace  Smak Parlour ($20)

I saw this necklace and had to have it. Living in Philly, I do collect some ‘Love’ pieces, but I love finding anything that reminds me of late 80s style or something Salt-N-Pepa would wear (actually, I was obsessed with Spinderella). I match it with very simple looks because it overwhelms the eye. 

Mesh Mint Shirt  Smak Parlour ($48)

I love the lightness of this shirt and how I can wear it through out the seasons by changing it up a bit. It is completely made of this tight mesh material, so on this particular very windy spring day I am wearing a nude colored camisole underneath. The front piece covers my chest for the most part and my navel. I feel like you can feel the wind hitting me through these photos.


BCBG Satin Capri Pants Crossroads Trading Co. ($40)

I have owned these pants since 2010 and bought them from a great store called Crossroads, which is like Buffalo Exchange, but I always found more stuff. The zip down and up on the side, which I love.

(Story on my tattoo: I got this tattoo in Lawrence, Kansas many years ago when I was fresh out the military. My Grandma told me not to get it even though I thought it would be a cool ‘Grandma I got the Tryzub with your name in Ukrainian in the middle because you are Ukrainian even though you were born here and etc etc etc’. She doesn’t like it. Not only does she not like it, but I have been stopped and asked if I was an African student in Ukraine and a ton of other things that sound positive when written, but actually got pretty mean. I love my Grandma, I love her culture and what I learn through her and my family, but I wouldn’t do it again. I wish I would have waited and learned that you can show love and appreciation for someone in a different way. It is definitely a reminder of a point in my life where I was still developing the ability to think outside myself.

Or I would have just got a tattoo that said ‘Grace’ like those old school sailor tattoos with the heart with ‘Mom’ in the middle.)

AK Klein black sport flats

AK Anne Klein Sport Black Flats DSW ($60)

These flats, like most of my flats, have been through the ringer. I use to wear heels constantly and really should donate a lot of them to someone who wears heels, but I love my flats since I walk whenever possible. Though AK flats are more than I usually spend, they are extremely comfortable and well made. I also owned a pair of gold ones, but I had to let them go. I need to get back into loving shoes, but flats (and bags) to me are the frame and I am still trying to work with the big picture (though I really think investing into a few pairs of shoe which can easily be changed out is important.)


Hair James Brown Studio ($100)

It is super windy in this photo, but I got an amazing cut, blow out and flat iron there and loved my complete experience.

love necklace

statement necklace love necklace mint top bcbg pants

I had to end on me smiling at least once! So happy the warmth has returned!

Photography by Eric S.