Raining… in Pattern, Texture & Style!

It has been a while!

I love writing on Beauty & Britches and it has been an amazing experience over the last year for me, meeting new people and also having an outlet that’s fun, positive, makes me happy and allows me to express myself. Fortunately and unfortunately, me returning to social work, planning a wedding and a few other things (my new corgi puppy!) have kept me from writing as often as I would love.

I added a subscribe button to the right for when I am able to write, but I hope as the weather breaks (and as Auggie finishes puppy school and can learn not to bite at my arm as I type), I can add more entries regularly. Style is still my love story, but right now it seems my story has added a few more loves!

A few weeks ago, I received a beautiful arm scarf from my cousin and fellow blogger, Jessica Vann. She runs a lifestyle blog in Chicago about everything from vintage, music, dating and does a video a day to talk about or share what is happening with her, which we can all relate to.

Over the winter, she learned to make these amazing arm scarves and I decided to see if I could put together a work look where I could show off my new scarf! This is a mini-entry due to the non-stop rain in the shoot! I couldn’t get good pictures of anything below the waist, but I still love this look! Below is the full look I wore to work, followed by the shoot photos.

orange pants, polka dot shirt, cheetah flats

Tomato Modern Boot Cut Pants Gap ($20)

West Blvd Basic Round Toe Ballet Flats Amazon ($20)

I absolutely adore these cheetah flats I bought on Amazon. They were super affordable and comfy enough for thee price. The pants I have worn before in a past entry and love the pop of color. Unfortunately, they met the fate of the dryer and are now quite faded. 

arm scarf

The Basic Cowl in Burnt Orange JVann ($20)

You can’t tell, but it was POURING during this photo! I wear this scarf all the time, but thought a pop of color on a colorless backdrop would look great along with mixing textures.

orange arm scarf

 Polka Dot Cardigan H & M ($15)

I love H & M cardigans! They are easy when you want to mix your summer and winter items- I usually wear a favorite summer tank under a cardigan for an every day look

compass necklace

Compass Necklace Open House, 107 S 13th, Philadelphia (gift)

I am a huge fan of compasses and I love that my friend, Susan, bought this for me for our Secret Santa exchange (she said since there are only two of us, it is not called ‘Secret Santa’ but I like Secret Santa!). The compass actually works!

I also much tell you my love of Open House. My Uncle came to visit from LA and I went there to create him a Philadelphia themed welcome gift. I would definitely recommend you to go their for a little Philly flare for your home or a gift for any visiting guest! 

polka dot cardigan and textured top

KYS Textured Top Marigot, St. Martin ($50)

I really really really wanted a textured see through top for the summer and found one while in St. Martin. I absolutely adore it and found the different textures and patterns to be so great with this top. Mine was a bit pricey, but you could easily find a cheaper one like  this one on Sammy Dress or on Amazon- even at any department store. They are all over!

My hair is pulled up in the back and I am not feeling it in this photo, but I absolutely love the product combination I am now using. I went back to using Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Curl and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner and still use Miss Jessie’s Leave-In Condish and Pillow Soft Curls. Some products don’t let you mix and match (I am looking at you As I Am), but you can totally mix up these two brands.

polka dot cardigan, burnt orange arm scarf

Umbrella is Smak Parlour

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and snowy President’s Day and I hope to be back soon with a fuller entry of style! Stay warm and sound off in the comments about how you mix textures and patterns or how you stay warm!

Photography by Eric S.

Boots, Pockets & Dressing For Fall

It is officially Autumn and I don’t want to admit it! As the weather is becoming a bit cooler, I am trying to decide how I can hang on to a few of my dresses by giving them a different edge than last year. 80s throwback? Industrial look? Or just a love of skirts with pockets- whatever works, I just love the simple style of a heavy fabric to match my heavy fall boots. Now is the time to break out my sweaters to throw over my dresses and to hand wash my million pairs of tights.

How are you preparing for  Autumn?

burnt orange dress


 Burnt Orange Taylor Dress Nordstrom ($83- still available online in select sizes)

I love the pattern and the heavy material on this dress! I found it on sale and still have to take it in a bit (my dress is clamped in the back for this shoot), but the pockets are what sold me. I am not a huge clutch person, so whenever I see a dress with pockets, I automatically swoon!


Paper Bead Necklace Darwin, Australia ($20)

My Aunt Michale brought necklaces with her from the same artist who gifted me one in a previous entry. I adore my necklace, and you can find a similar one on Etsy, but it was decided that my Aunt’s friend would make more selling his jewelry in Australia than in the States. The necklace is made out of paper and is a long process. I am very fortunate I was able to buy two necklaces and a pair of earrings from him during her Stateside visit.

brown leather boots

Brown Leather Troopa Boots Steve Madden ($100)

I have been looking for the boots since my cousin bought them some time ago. I love how heavy they are and I ended up buying another pair in stone (they didn’t have wine in my size), but they do hurt my left heel after walking in them for awhile. I am going to see if a sticker insole helps. The boots are still available on Steve Madden and on Amazon for an even lower price and various additional colors.


Rosin Bracelet Darwin, Australia (gift)

My Aunt brought this bracelet as a gift from an artist she works with Australia. The bracelet is made of rosin, so if you have ever been in middle school orchestra, you know the feeling. I wish I had more information on this artist, but my Aunt made it seem like her pieces wouldn’t be in my price range (my Aunt keeps it real, though I did have to explain to her what shade meant after that).


Laura Mercier Lip Glace’ in Quartz Birchbox ($10 subscription sample/original price $25)

This lipstick came in my Birchbox months ago, but is no longer available in Quartz. I looked everywhere since I broke my only tube after the shoot! There are similar colors available on Birchbox and Laura Mercier. I did cancel my Birchbox subscription after ten months because too many of the samples in the box were unusable for me even after adjusting my settings. I think there is a disconnect when it comes to women of color and Birchbox (I spoke to them in email about this and they stated ‘they are working on it’) and instead of being frustrated with my ‘nude’ nail polish or sulfate hair products, I decided to move on.



Box Braids J.P. Hair Perfection ($90 not including hair)

I am leaving for St. Marteen in a little over a week, so I decided to get my hair braided. I found Mia online and I love my braids! They took a little over six hours, but Mia was completely professional, accommodating (I was able to work while getting my hair braided) and easy to get to. She uses all natural products (she makes her own peppermint spray conditioner spray) and she is natural! I definitely recommend her to anyone and look forward to returning to her in the future.

tall wall

orange dress, brown boots

My friend and fashion inspiration, Devaney, opened her own store on Etsy called, Sew AuCourant , she makes fabulous pillows and home décor items and takes custom orders as well. She is making my linens for my wedding. Check out her site and I have to do a feature on her work and how I am saving money on my wedding at some point on my blog!

Photography by Eric S.

Jumping Into Jumpsuits

Eric was on vacation last week, so I thought this would be a great time to break out one of my vintage finds and get some assistance from my good friend and guest model, Dorothee, and a talented guest photographer, Chris Urie. He can be found at chrisurie.com.

With the thought of vacation comes the thought of summer and flea markets! The Center City flea market always had a booth of the best vintage clothes. Though, being outside, you have to make some guesses regarding your items based on three important pieces of criteria: wearability, fit, and alteration worth. I always decide if I can fit it, if I like it (and what/how I will wear it), and if alterations are worth the time / cost.

I love jumpsuits. They are easy to style in multiple ways while giving you a feel of funk and timelessness, all at the same time.

Red Outfit 5

Red Sears Jumpsuit Center City Flea Market ($26)

I found this jumpsuit at the huge flea market at 6th & Pine-ish area. There are tons of booths, but all summer there was this one booth selling tons of clothing ranging from the 1950s-80s with numerous brands. I bought this jumpsuit thinking it would be an easy fix to drop the crotch to add length, but my tailor said clothes were made a little more reinforced then. Fortunately, Dorothee looks great in it and she had her own style to make it come to life

Red Outfit 3

Up-cycled Pencil Case Barnes & Noble ($18)

I love Dorothee’s pencil case; it never crossed my mind that it wasn’t a clutch. I decided to look on Barnes & Noble to see if there is anything similar and this pencil case, though not the same style, is another way to get creative. 

Red Outfit 4

Blue I.N.C. Pumps Macy’s ($40)

Red Outfit 2

Vintage Herringbone Necklace Dorothee’s Grandma’s Jewelry Box

Red Outfit

Photography by Chris Urie


Let The Bling Ring!

I always wear my engagement ring, my version of a class ring and whatever ‘rough and stuff’ necklace and earrings I feel like wearing that day. When I was in Chicago, I use to wear my class ring and my matching diamond studs before our apartment was broken into with a crowbar, and they were stolen along with my laptop. The officer on the scene told me about how when her home was burglarized they took her rabbit cage, but not the rabbit. After buying our rabbit a new cage, I see why they did it. Cages are pricey! Anyway. Eric surprised me on Valentine’s with new studs. Not diamond studs (we have bills) but Swarovski studs. I loved them, but I didn’t know much about the company other than if you want bling, you go there. Last week, I was invited to my first bloggers event for Swarovski.  I was nervous; other than shyness, I really didn’t know if I could write about their jewelry. If I couldn’t afford it normally or the Cost Per Wear was too high, than I couldn’t do it. Let’s just say, I was blown away. By the end of the night, I had a wish list created and was trying to hustle a bracelet off of another blogger. The first look is what I wore to the event and the second is with the Swarovski items. Though they were gifted, I am going to list the prices.                                                                                                                                                                                    Fitler Square

Slim fit pants H & M ($35)

These Slim Fit Pants are faded with a texture to them. If I were to wear a different pant, it would be the Slim Fit Pant with sequin details ($40) or Slim Fit Pant with satin stripe details ($30) which are both currently available

Fitler Square 3

Beautifully Bold Blouse Smak Parlour ($45)

I didn’t capture it, but this blouse has a gorgeous gold zipper running down the back of it which is similar to the gold in my jewelry

Fitler Square 6

Bandeau Top (Nude)  Smak Parlour ($16)

One-Piece Owl Necklace PacSun

I had to think back hard to where I bought this necklace and then it hit me: I was waiting in line to buy my brother a t-shirt at Pacific Sunwear. He was 15 at the time. He is now 19. I went to their website to see if they have anything similar; they don’t, but they have tons of super cute jewelry for under $15. I use to throw away my jewelry when it turned (I never got the hang of the clear nail polish) but then I read a great article about the beauty of the piece and how it gives it new life. This piece use to be much brighter, but I like it more like this

Fitler Square 10

Black Dumond Pumps AKIRA Chicago ($100)

I love these pumps since there is so much detailing. What I don’t love is falling through a sewer grate with them. If you know a good heel repair in Philly, feel free to share. 

Fitler Square 9

Gold Clutch  H & M

Owl Necklace Outfit

Solitaire Pierced Earrings Swarovski ($62)

Ivy 2

Fit Silver Shade Pierced Earrings Swarovski ($155)

Ivy 4

Nirvana Ring Swarovski ($155 for petite /$190 for one shown)

Chanton Bangle Narrow Swarovski ($60)

I had my eye on the  Slake Black Bracelet ($70). In Black or Gray, they are a great price and something I would add to my daily jewelry rotation. It is nice to step outside the box sometimes and try something new, though that box may have to be one checked off for holiday gifts : )

Fitler Square 5

Photography by Eric S.