Big Hair and Work Wear!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! It has been awhile, but I have a good reason: I am back to working full-time! Back to the social worker life, which I love. I am still learning my job and still trying to figure out my own work style. I know that takes a back seat to learning my position, but as I said in my About Me, bringing my own style to work makes me feel more confident and shows a bit of my personality.

Do you have a work style and what is it? Do you have a go to piece? Sound off in the comments below!

grey dress


Polka Dot Cardigan  H & M  ($25)

I absolutely love cardigans and I wear them to work a lot, both at my new job and my old job. It seems every office I am in the temperature is never consistent, plus it is an easy way to transition a dress along with tights. Though I am wearing solid flats and black opaque tights with this outfit, I would easily mix it up with these tights and these shoes. What do you think?



Grey Dress with Pleather Detail  H & M ($40?*)

West Loop Opaque Tights Walgreens ($8)

*I lost the receipt for this dress, but I bought it recently and it should still be in the store. I won’t pay more than $50 for an H & M dress, so I think it was between $35 and $40.

This dress is a little more fitted than I like. I bought it without trying it on to wear to my interview, so I didn’t have time to exchange it for a more flattering fit. I do love it, but I definitely wouldn’t wear it without a sweater to assist with the back slit riding up a bit.

In colder weather, I wear two pairs of tights for added warmth. Though two pairs can start to get uncomfortable after awhile, I love these tights! They are super cheap and last a long time. I found them when I couldn’t get lint off of my tights before an interview and had to run into a drugstore to see what they had. Surprisingly, they have an amazing selection!


Big hair, don’t care! I wear my hair natural to work and have been switching it up with a few simple styles. I pulled it back once and everyone missed it in its usual fantastic fro-ness. I actually went back to using Shea Moisture for my shampoo and conditioner due to cost and how much product I use, but I found a perfect mix with Miss Jessie’s Leave-In Condish and Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls. The Pillow Soft Curls is a bit much in cost, but I use a little more than a size of a quarter on my hair (and my hair is thicker than it looks).


 Lion Necklace Wilbur’s Vintage  716 S. 4th St, Philadelphia ($25)

Express Gel Manicure Yuya Nail Spa, 624 Market St, Philadelphia ($25)

I absolutely love my necklace from Wilbur’s Vintage! I don’t know what else to say about it since it speaks for itself. It gives me a little vintage style to take to work (other than my engagement ring)!

I love my new nail salon by my work. I didn’t realize how much cheaper it is to get gel done in Old City than by my house. The punch card is a dangerous thing, because I love a good deal! I have been twice so far!



These glasses were issued to me from the Philadelphia VA Medical Center (love ya’ll!), but this style ALWAYS breaks pretty quickly. The arm gets all wonky, so I am now wearing my back up pair. They have some cute women’s frame options and it is easy to find out if you qualify for low-cost or free glasses and eye care; start here! My Warby Parker glasses lost under a pile of clothes in my bedroom. I will send an SOS.


 Breckelle’s Flats  Eternity Shoes 1522 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia ($14)

These shoes look way more blue in this photo than in person! These flats are run of the mill, cheap, but get the job done. I go through flats so much that I really stopped looking for shoes with supports, but I probably should start. I see you, bunion!

polka dot cardigan, grey dress

Photography by Eric S.

Autumn Fun With Layers,Texture…and Bunnies!

Hello! It has been awhile! I went on vacation, a trip that was fabulous and warm, and returned to cold weather!

 I don’t know about you, but I hate breaking out my coat. Last autumn, I was all about dresses and tights. This year, I am all about switching it up with layers and textures. So I was really happy when my new sweater came in the mail, along with a cute new accessory.
rabbit sweater, red jeans
rabbit sweater
rabbit sweaterCotton Rabbit Sweater in Beige Sammy Dress ($9)
Now, on to that sweater! My new sweater from Sammy Dress FINALLY arrived. I ordered the sweater on August 19th and was emailed September 5th letting me know that they were out of stock. I could wait or receive a refund- I am glad I waited! Currently, the beige I am wearing is out of stock, but pink is available for $10. I absolutely love it except for one thing… the sleeves are too short. They hit a little below my elbow. My cousin Theresa, who lives in Japan, bought this exact sweater in a store there and she also reported the same issue. At over 5’8” (I think Theresa is also my height) I have a feeling all imported Sammy Dress clothes are going to be short in the sleeves. I was going to give the sweater away, but I think I am just going pull up the sleeves. 
gold septum ring, rabbit sweater
Brass Septum Ring Purity Jewel on Etsy ($17)
I went on Etsy looking for a new septum ring for fun and adore this one! It was easy to put in, but feels a bit lighter and thinner than my previous retainer (I wear a 16g). The length of the ring makes it hard to wear daily (as well as the style). The shipping was cheap, only $3, but did take ten days to arrive. 
Legging Jeans Gap ($30 at 50% off)
I bought these soft legging things (they are like a jean/corduroy mix, but softer and less awful) last year and the color and material has held up well. 
rabbit sweater, red jeans out of print necklace
‘Scout and Boo’ Necklace  Out of Print Clothing ($30)
Out of Print Clothing has teamed up with Books For Africa to donate a book for each purchase. What I love are the hard to find book t-shirts on the site. I ordered myself a ‘Song of Solomon’ and ‘Native Son’ tee while I ordered Eric the ‘Invisible Man’ tee. which he has yet to wear!
Not RayBan Aviators Pelican Key, St.Maarten ($15)
I love my sunglasses. These I picked up in St. Maarten! I bought these at the Flamingo Bay Resort gift shop and love them. I definitely love my aviators style.
brown leather boots
Vince Camuto “V” Front Tights Macy’s ($18)
I love my textured tights. I love buying my tights from Macy’s since they seem to last the longest and Hue brand tights are always buy two and get some sort of discount. These aren’t Hue, but they are a great length and the pattern is holding up fairly well. These aren’t available online from Macy’s, but are available from Vince Camuto for the same price. 
brown leather boots
Brown Leather Troopa Boots Steve Madden ($100)
I went on and on about these books on my previous fall post
What is your go to fall style this year? Sound off in the comments below!
nena and eric
Photography by Eric S.

Boots, Pockets & Dressing For Fall

It is officially Autumn and I don’t want to admit it! As the weather is becoming a bit cooler, I am trying to decide how I can hang on to a few of my dresses by giving them a different edge than last year. 80s throwback? Industrial look? Or just a love of skirts with pockets- whatever works, I just love the simple style of a heavy fabric to match my heavy fall boots. Now is the time to break out my sweaters to throw over my dresses and to hand wash my million pairs of tights.

How are you preparing for  Autumn?

burnt orange dress


 Burnt Orange Taylor Dress Nordstrom ($83- still available online in select sizes)

I love the pattern and the heavy material on this dress! I found it on sale and still have to take it in a bit (my dress is clamped in the back for this shoot), but the pockets are what sold me. I am not a huge clutch person, so whenever I see a dress with pockets, I automatically swoon!


Paper Bead Necklace Darwin, Australia ($20)

My Aunt Michale brought necklaces with her from the same artist who gifted me one in a previous entry. I adore my necklace, and you can find a similar one on Etsy, but it was decided that my Aunt’s friend would make more selling his jewelry in Australia than in the States. The necklace is made out of paper and is a long process. I am very fortunate I was able to buy two necklaces and a pair of earrings from him during her Stateside visit.

brown leather boots

Brown Leather Troopa Boots Steve Madden ($100)

I have been looking for the boots since my cousin bought them some time ago. I love how heavy they are and I ended up buying another pair in stone (they didn’t have wine in my size), but they do hurt my left heel after walking in them for awhile. I am going to see if a sticker insole helps. The boots are still available on Steve Madden and on Amazon for an even lower price and various additional colors.


Rosin Bracelet Darwin, Australia (gift)

My Aunt brought this bracelet as a gift from an artist she works with Australia. The bracelet is made of rosin, so if you have ever been in middle school orchestra, you know the feeling. I wish I had more information on this artist, but my Aunt made it seem like her pieces wouldn’t be in my price range (my Aunt keeps it real, though I did have to explain to her what shade meant after that).


Laura Mercier Lip Glace’ in Quartz Birchbox ($10 subscription sample/original price $25)

This lipstick came in my Birchbox months ago, but is no longer available in Quartz. I looked everywhere since I broke my only tube after the shoot! There are similar colors available on Birchbox and Laura Mercier. I did cancel my Birchbox subscription after ten months because too many of the samples in the box were unusable for me even after adjusting my settings. I think there is a disconnect when it comes to women of color and Birchbox (I spoke to them in email about this and they stated ‘they are working on it’) and instead of being frustrated with my ‘nude’ nail polish or sulfate hair products, I decided to move on.



Box Braids J.P. Hair Perfection ($90 not including hair)

I am leaving for St. Marteen in a little over a week, so I decided to get my hair braided. I found Mia online and I love my braids! They took a little over six hours, but Mia was completely professional, accommodating (I was able to work while getting my hair braided) and easy to get to. She uses all natural products (she makes her own peppermint spray conditioner spray) and she is natural! I definitely recommend her to anyone and look forward to returning to her in the future.

tall wall

orange dress, brown boots

My friend and fashion inspiration, Devaney, opened her own store on Etsy called, Sew AuCourant , she makes fabulous pillows and home décor items and takes custom orders as well. She is making my linens for my wedding. Check out her site and I have to do a feature on her work and how I am saving money on my wedding at some point on my blog!

Photography by Eric S.

Adding Some Glitter With Gold

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day! I came back from Michigan and walked right into this heat! Even though it is hot, I still love everything about Philly. Especially now that I have more time to wear my summer dresses.

This week, I decided to accessorize with gold! I love how great jewelry can jazz up a colorless dress. I love white dresses, and gold seemed like the perfect addition to this one. How do you use bold accessories? Sound off in the comments below!


 White Structured Cut Out Dress  Smak Parlour ($85)

I love the detail at the bottom of the sweetheart dress. It gives it that little extra push of coverage, with it not really being there. The top has boning and I am wearing a strapless bra with it.

white dress, gold necklace



  Gold Bib Necklace   Wilbur’s Vintage  716 S. 4th st, Philadelphia ($40)

I adore this necklace! I feel like it gives a good optical illusion like I am actually filling this dress with cleavage. It fits perfectly between the detail and is surprisingly light. I decided not to wear earrings due to how bold the necklace is. My nails are gold glitter gel shellac, so they fit right into the shoot!


I ended up doing two buns in my hair after I had a twist out go completely haywire the night before. I think next time I will use black clips and make the back into a French roll instead of a bun. I switch over to using Carol Daughter’s Hair Milk Styling Butter ($12) since I ran out of my Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream ($18) and I needed something to take in my carry-on that didn’t cost a lot in case it was confiscated (it wasn’t). I really like it!



Gold Tiger Eye Bracelet   Wilbur’s Vintage  716 S. 4th st, Philadelphia ($35)

I can never find a bracelet that fits me, but I actually found two this week! This vintage bracelet is light and I love the Tiger Eye detail. I can’t wait to find earrings so I can dress this down.



SAYNT Open Toe Sandals  Nine West, Liberty Place, Philadelphia ($30)

I love these shoes, but they are definitely a half size too big (I bought a pair in black that are the right size)! I bought them on clearance for the Geek Awards and the wonderful team at Nine West added a few holes in the strap to make sure they were snug. With my evening gown, you couldn’t see how big they are, so I may save these shoes for when I am wearing something long again. Just found out if you buy online, the second pair is half off!



It was awesome checking out A & G Labs and learning more about MVSE, a new app to improve the dressing room experience. Read all about it on Geekadelphia!

 Photography by Eric S.

What Gives You Style Inspiration?

So much happened in these last two weeks! I had the mole under my chin removed and got my septum pierced. I went to a corset fitting, tried out a new beauty routine with Anju Threads, joined Indy Hall to start work on a new project, and now I’m in Baltimore on a surprise vacation with Eric.

Fortunately, during all of this, I still have the second part of the photo shoot from Edny Photography in one of my favorite outfits! I really appreciate Nathaniel and his assistant and great photographer in their own right, Mel, for taking the time to take my photos and teach me a few tips about lighting and getting better photos. They did a breathtaking job and I really hope to work with them again. It was a huge fun favor (there needs to be a word to mesh those together) and I will forever be appreciative!

Now enough gushing! On to what we did!

I usually mix my era of clothing and just go with whatever looks good. I favor the 60′s and 70′s, but after watching American Hustle, I just had to run over to Wilbur’s and see if Daniel had anything a bit Jennifer Lawrence. Of course he did! I loved my end result, but Nathaniel pointed out that it looked more WWII inspired. I never thought of that!

What do you think and do you ever look at movies for inspiration?

Red Yoki Pumps Ragstock ($8)

I bought these at Ragstock so long ago while going through their basement, that I wouldn’t  be surprised if I convinced myself I bought these in Ragstock instead of some other vintage & new shop, but Yoki heels are so easy to find and cheap, that I am not going to sweat it too much. You can find them on Amazon, Sears, Kmart- they are all over. I just started wearing mine recently since I have more dresses to match them with and have a nice vintage look, unlike my patent leather red stilettos that have a ‘I bought these in my early 20s when was able to wear heels non-stop and didn’t know what a bunion was’ look. Yes, I said bunion.

Cream Vintage Dress  Wilbur Vintage ($20)

Daniel said ‘all the dresses 20 percent off except for that one. The dress was $20! I repeat,$20! I can’t remember if it was labeled 70′s or 60′s, but I want to lean more toward 70′s based on style and material, but I will find out. Every time I go in there, I am either told by another customer that if I put the dress down that they will take it or I am trying to talk someone into giving me their dress (I tried very hard one time to no avail). Wilbur’s I love since I don’t have to dig, but definitely try everything on no matter what the size looks like or says.

 Vintage Scarf  Wilbur Vintage ($10)

I collect vintage scarves. They are perfect when my braids are growing out and I wore them non-stop two summers ago, but I thought about how would it look with a bang? Daniel has a great collection and I love the scarf I found- I just need more practice tying it, but I still look the look!

 Hair James Brown Studio ($100)

Cheetah Necklace  Smak Parlour ($34)

This necklace is actually not heavy, which I like and I have been really digging the thick curb chain look.

Here are a few 40s inspired and vintage dresses that made me see what Nathaniel was seeing. I only have one 40s dress because it starts getting pricier and harder to find once you start going that far back, but the quality of clothes are killer.

See you next time with my curls back in action, some eyebrow talk and with spring back, warmer photos and flea market finds!

 Photography by Endy Photography

Making A Statement…with Necklaces!

Happy holidays for those celebrating! I’m so glad it is finally spring! I couldn’t wait for the warm weather to return so I could return to dresses and sandals. There’s nothing like only having to worry about one item to match and a pair of light shoes. Actually, for me, it is always two items.

I am a sucker for statement necklaces. I don’t collect clutches or care for bags, but a necklace gets me every time. When I buy a very large necklace, I usually try to think about how I am going to wear it (honestly, I just buy what I like and then think later… which I know is what you shouldn’t do, but I DO WHAT I WANT!) so the bigger the piece, the softer the style.

Do you have a favorite style necklace, or have a place you’d like to recommend to buy them? Let me know in the comments!

 Love Necklace  Smak Parlour ($20)

I saw this necklace and had to have it. Living in Philly, I do collect some ‘Love’ pieces, but I love finding anything that reminds me of late 80s style or something Salt-N-Pepa would wear (actually, I was obsessed with Spinderella). I match it with very simple looks because it overwhelms the eye. 

Mesh Mint Shirt  Smak Parlour ($48)

I love the lightness of this shirt and how I can wear it through out the seasons by changing it up a bit. It is completely made of this tight mesh material, so on this particular very windy spring day I am wearing a nude colored camisole underneath. The front piece covers my chest for the most part and my navel. I feel like you can feel the wind hitting me through these photos.


BCBG Satin Capri Pants Crossroads Trading Co. ($40)

I have owned these pants since 2010 and bought them from a great store called Crossroads, which is like Buffalo Exchange, but I always found more stuff. The zip down and up on the side, which I love.

(Story on my tattoo: I got this tattoo in Lawrence, Kansas many years ago when I was fresh out the military. My Grandma told me not to get it even though I thought it would be a cool ‘Grandma I got the Tryzub with your name in Ukrainian in the middle because you are Ukrainian even though you were born here and etc etc etc’. She doesn’t like it. Not only does she not like it, but I have been stopped and asked if I was an African student in Ukraine and a ton of other things that sound positive when written, but actually got pretty mean. I love my Grandma, I love her culture and what I learn through her and my family, but I wouldn’t do it again. I wish I would have waited and learned that you can show love and appreciation for someone in a different way. It is definitely a reminder of a point in my life where I was still developing the ability to think outside myself.

Or I would have just got a tattoo that said ‘Grace’ like those old school sailor tattoos with the heart with ‘Mom’ in the middle.)

AK Klein black sport flats

AK Anne Klein Sport Black Flats DSW ($60)

These flats, like most of my flats, have been through the ringer. I use to wear heels constantly and really should donate a lot of them to someone who wears heels, but I love my flats since I walk whenever possible. Though AK flats are more than I usually spend, they are extremely comfortable and well made. I also owned a pair of gold ones, but I had to let them go. I need to get back into loving shoes, but flats (and bags) to me are the frame and I am still trying to work with the big picture (though I really think investing into a few pairs of shoe which can easily be changed out is important.)


Hair James Brown Studio ($100)

It is super windy in this photo, but I got an amazing cut, blow out and flat iron there and loved my complete experience.

love necklace

statement necklace love necklace mint top bcbg pants

I had to end on me smiling at least once! So happy the warmth has returned!

Photography by Eric S.

The Joys Of Shopping the Sale Rack

I love sale racks, sale items and any great deal I can find. Unfortunately, while this can be a great way to find unique items to add to your wardrobe, for me it was also a not so great way of spending money on things I would never wear and realize why they were placed on sale or clearance in the first place.

When shopping in the clearance section, I had to give myself one rule:

Would I buy this if it weren’t on sale?

This question alone eliminated 80% of the clothes I ‘oooed and ahhhed’ over. I was more transfixed on the prices than the actual item. Now, I look at the item and think about how I would fit it into my current wardrobe or easily style it before looking at the price. It you have to think for awhile on how to style the item in a way you would actually wear it, than just move on.

Michael Kors Jacket

Michael Kors Jacket  Burlington Coat Factory ($100)

Burlington Coat Factory is it’s own sale rack, so it is easy to say no if you don’t like something, but whenever I want a Michael Kors (or rather MICHAEL by Michael Kors) coat than this is where I come. I feel like this is the place he brings a dump truck with employees dressed in all black to bring coats which I love.

Rehab Leggings from Aoki

Rehab Clothing Leggings Aoki Boutique ($32)

Aoki Boutique is usually a bit too pricey for me. I first checked them out for ‘Philly’s Fashion Night Out’ and loved a lot of items, but still was unsure. I returned a few weeks ago and decided to check out their sale rack. Eureka! I struck gold! These leggings are, you got it- my everything! The beading is secure enough where it won’t fall off and the side fishnet is hot. 

Black Leggings

Funky Leggings

Different views and a close up on the fishnet and beading

Statement Necklace

Beijo Brazil Necklace Tselaine ($44)

This necklace made by a local Philadelphia artist, caught my eye immediately. I love the design and the detail even in the chain. She has many more one of a kind pieces at Tselaine.

Statement Necklace Skull Earrings

Skull Earrings Smak Parlour

I found these cute skull earrings at Smak awhile ago, but you can find them for a bit more online. Nordstrom even has them for $40.

*Note: I did not pay $40 for these earrings.

Fingerless gloves Smak Parlour

Fingerless Elbow Gloves Smak Parlour ($14)

Color Club Cocktail Hour Collection in On The Rocks Birch Box ($8 full price)

I joined the population of Birch Box subscription buyers and receive samples once of a month of items including nail polish, hair products, lipstick, lotion (which my ashy hand obviously didn’t take advantage of) facial products and so much more. So far, I like it. I stopped getting manicures and I think nail polish cost a lot for how little I paint my nails along with the lotion samples, so the box, for me, pays for itself. If you have natural hair and do not use sulfate,isopropyl alcohol or other chemicals, than I am still apprehensive on the hair products preference choice. The first box I could not use the hair product, but the second they did include ‘Hair Rules Curly Whip’ which was awesome. I will keep you posted on the hair item next month. 

White Jersey Top

 Natural White Jersey Top H&M ($10)

H & M clearance racks use to be my downfall. Shorts in the winter? Sure! I will just save them or wear tights or….No I won’t! I haven’t worn shorts since the 6th grade. Unless the item is a basic or it was something I was eyeing in the past, but couldn’t justify spending the money on, I just can’t walk over there. The pants in my Beef With Matching post are currently on clearance. 

Wedge Black Booties

Blowfish MALIBU wedge booties Akira ($65)

Michael Kors Jacket

Michael Kors Jacket Black Studded leggings

Photography by Eric S.

Let The Bling Ring!

I always wear my engagement ring, my version of a class ring and whatever ‘rough and stuff’ necklace and earrings I feel like wearing that day. When I was in Chicago, I use to wear my class ring and my matching diamond studs before our apartment was broken into with a crowbar, and they were stolen along with my laptop. The officer on the scene told me about how when her home was burglarized they took her rabbit cage, but not the rabbit. After buying our rabbit a new cage, I see why they did it. Cages are pricey! Anyway. Eric surprised me on Valentine’s with new studs. Not diamond studs (we have bills) but Swarovski studs. I loved them, but I didn’t know much about the company other than if you want bling, you go there. Last week, I was invited to my first bloggers event for Swarovski.  I was nervous; other than shyness, I really didn’t know if I could write about their jewelry. If I couldn’t afford it normally or the Cost Per Wear was too high, than I couldn’t do it. Let’s just say, I was blown away. By the end of the night, I had a wish list created and was trying to hustle a bracelet off of another blogger. The first look is what I wore to the event and the second is with the Swarovski items. Though they were gifted, I am going to list the prices.                                                                                                                                                                                    Fitler Square

Slim fit pants H & M ($35)

These Slim Fit Pants are faded with a texture to them. If I were to wear a different pant, it would be the Slim Fit Pant with sequin details ($40) or Slim Fit Pant with satin stripe details ($30) which are both currently available

Fitler Square 3

Beautifully Bold Blouse Smak Parlour ($45)

I didn’t capture it, but this blouse has a gorgeous gold zipper running down the back of it which is similar to the gold in my jewelry

Fitler Square 6

Bandeau Top (Nude)  Smak Parlour ($16)

One-Piece Owl Necklace PacSun

I had to think back hard to where I bought this necklace and then it hit me: I was waiting in line to buy my brother a t-shirt at Pacific Sunwear. He was 15 at the time. He is now 19. I went to their website to see if they have anything similar; they don’t, but they have tons of super cute jewelry for under $15. I use to throw away my jewelry when it turned (I never got the hang of the clear nail polish) but then I read a great article about the beauty of the piece and how it gives it new life. This piece use to be much brighter, but I like it more like this

Fitler Square 10

Black Dumond Pumps AKIRA Chicago ($100)

I love these pumps since there is so much detailing. What I don’t love is falling through a sewer grate with them. If you know a good heel repair in Philly, feel free to share. 

Fitler Square 9

Gold Clutch  H & M

Owl Necklace Outfit

Solitaire Pierced Earrings Swarovski ($62)

Ivy 2

Fit Silver Shade Pierced Earrings Swarovski ($155)

Ivy 4

Nirvana Ring Swarovski ($155 for petite /$190 for one shown)

Chanton Bangle Narrow Swarovski ($60)

I had my eye on the  Slake Black Bracelet ($70). In Black or Gray, they are a great price and something I would add to my daily jewelry rotation. It is nice to step outside the box sometimes and try something new, though that box may have to be one checked off for holiday gifts : )

Fitler Square 5

Photography by Eric S.

Shopping In Your Closet: Part 2, Mixing Rarely Wears with Necessities

In Part One of this post, also known as ‘I am moving, all of my clothes are boxed up except for a select few, what do I do?!’ I wore pieces I haven’t seen in ages. This is a continuation of that, but with items I also ‘over-wear’. I don’t know if over-wearing is a thing; you love what you love, and I have to constantly wash three pairs of jeans or else I would have to chisel them off of me. I wanted to find a way to make my necessities step to the side, while figuring out how to make my rarely worn items shine.

Fortunately, for me, the unpacking is done, but shopping in my closet has made me bring so much more out of the wood work. Who knew I owned black jeans?!

hoodie smile

Wide Leg Trouser and Grey and White Camisole  Gap (Clearance $30 & $12)

I do not buy anything at the Gap for full price. I use to wear these slacks to work at least twice a week and the camisole I wear under a lot of cardigans (though not lately). I will try to slow down the Gap love, but with the 40% off weekends, how can I stop?!

hoodie z putting on

AKIRA Knitted Hooded Kimono Wrap AKIRA Chicago ($35)

Like with my other hooded wrap, I haven’t worn this hooded wrap in almost two year, if not longer. I also have a habit with buying items in multiple colors.  

hoodie serious 2

8-Bit Bowtie Necklace Smak Parlour ($18)

I wore this necklace with the matching earrings to The Geek Awards and got so many compliments that I even bought one for my cousin (she wears hers with a little black dress). It is definitely a statement necklace and I was trying to figure out how to make it casual. Turns out I should have worn it more often. Next time, I will try it with jeans and a white top. (Unlike some of the items I have posted, these are still in stock).

hoodie shoes

Funky Dumond Pumps AKIRA Chicago ($165)

I use to wear these pumps all of the time and I purchased them back when I use to recklessly shop. I try to stay away from heels most of the time (and shoes not worth the Cost Per Wear ratio), but I use to love these so much. After a few hours in them, I realized my feet do not miss heels. 

hoodie serious 3

hoodie serious

 Photography by Eric S.



They Are Both Blue, So They Match!

Being from Michigan, Sweetest Day quickly became one of my favorite holidays. It isn’t every Michiganders favorite time of year, but it reminded me of my Mom receiving flowers and going out for dinner. Now that I am on the East Coast, my fiance was sweet enough to celebrate Sweetest Day with me.

This year he bought me a necklace and a purse, and he set up a picnic of fast food in Rittenhouse Square. What? I like what I like.

As I thanked him, he said, “see, both are blue, so they match!”

…I am a fan of not matching, but I had to wrap my head around that one. I loved both items and wanted to wear them together, but how could I do it?

Striped Grey Shirt and Blue Jeans H & M ($12 & &15)

Necklace Hello World (gift)

Turquoise Clutch with Removal Straps Hello World (gift)

Multicolored Striped Flats Moda on 1523 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia ($12)

Blue Crop Sleeve Blazer H&M ($35)

Earrings Hello World (gift)

 Photography by Eric S.